Happy New Year Quotes 2017

Happy New Year Quotes


New Year is  a time for new start and learning experiences, what one is always requires at the start of a new adventure is some motivations & boost of morale, along with these things to ponder upon. Be it inspirational quotes or thoughtful ones, we have for you a wide range of Happy New Year Quotes 2017 to kick-start New year for you & your loved ones.
  • Lets ring this new year with only best things wish u a happy new year.
  • Stop crime, and do some polite cause to shine, on this new year time.
  • May the coming  year take away all the sorrows and unhappiness & shower you with all the love & happiness. All the best for a lovely happy new year.
  • Your friendship is as sweet as sweet pear, Through the year; & each New Year.
  • Every stage in life has its own beauty. Do not delay your past in cribbing, do not tarnish ur present in ignorance, & never spoil your future with worries and sadness. Happy New Year.
  • Let the brand New Year find you fresher, happier, more joyful, more cheerful & more satisfied. Here i am wishing you a Happy New Year.
  • Start another new chapter & remember that you have 365 days to make every page of the chapter worth remembering for when you finish the year.

Happy New Year Quotes 2017 :-

  • Another year is right here, Welcome it & forget your fears, Hold a can of your favorite beer or cola , And shout out with ur friends, cheers
  • It’s the year of cakes & candles, new songs and jingles , celebration & decoration, happiness & love. Wishing you a lovely 2017 that brings with it great love and luck for you. Happy new year
  • May god give you a style to convert ur dreams into reality in this coming new year! Wish you Happy new year.
  • Resolve to grow if not rapidly then patently. Never think to quite, struggle till the last bit. Happy New Year.
  • A new year is unfolding  – like a blossom with petals of a flower curled tightly conceal the beauty within.
  • The great essentials of happiness are: something to work for, something to love for , and something to hope for. keep working keep loving and keep hoping.
  • Whether we want them or not the New year will bring great challenges,whether we grab them or not the New year will bring new opportunities every day. Happy 2017.
  • Each new day is a blank page of your life. The secret of success is in turning that page into the best story you possibly can write. I wish you Happy New Year quotes and book full of best stories ever written in your life.
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