Best wishes for friends and family on Christmas 2016

Best wishes for friends and family on Christmas 2016 

wishes-for-friends-and-family-on-Christmas 2016

Hello everyone finally this is Christmas 2016 and are you looking for the best Christmas wishes for your friends and family ? then you are at the right place we, have published the best Christmas wishes for friends and family. #merrychristmas #christmas2016

1.       On this special day, what really matters in not how many presents are under the Christmas tree, but that you are surrounded by the love of family & friends. Merry Christmas!

2.       Santa already knows what I want for Christmas – U! Merry Christmas & watch out for the big white bearded man coming to get you!

3.       Christmas songs in the background to set your mood, the lights are blinking, the eggnog is ready & family & friends are on their way. What else could you ask for! Merry Christmas 2016

4.   We’re sending you wishes for the merriest memories of the Christmas 2016 Season, and hopes for a prosperous New Year 2017! Season’s greetings!

5.       May this day bring you laughter, joy & happiness You deserve all of this & so much more! Merry Christmas!

6.       No other holiday is more special than Christmas. Families & friends get together and spend a day full of joy & happiness all together. Merry Christmas!

7.       Santa’s coming! Don’t forget to prepare cookies and milk & place them near the Christmas tree! Merry Christmas!

8.       Have a great Christmas 2016! Take the time to celebrate your desires, values & affections with your loved ones. Wishing you all the best.

9.       Santa asked me to remind you that because of the economic crisis he wasn’t able to fill up your stocking this year. Not to worry though we’re sending you some extra love, kisses & hugs your way! Merry Christmas!

10.    Is it just me or Christmas is one of the most tiring holidays ever? You have to prepare & decorate the tree; create the right Christmas environment by decorating the house (in and out!), buy, wrap & place all the presents under the tree. It’s too much work! Thank greatness  it’s also all worth it being able to spend with special day with you 

11.    Merry Christmas to you! Here’s hoping that all your dreams come true & that the floodgates of success open up in the New Year 2017.

Best wishes for friends and family on Christmas 2016 

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